On January 1, 2003, the New York Gas Group (NYGAS) merged with The New England Gas Association to form the Northeast Gas Association. Further information on the new organization is available at: www  northeastgas morg.

Formed in 1973, The New York Gas Group (NYGAS) is the New York State gas utility trade association. Its 10 members constitute the ten largest gas utilities in New York State with approximately 4.4 million customers and $5.2 billion in annual natural gas revenues. NYGAS functions principally through four major committees: An Executive Committee, NYSEARCH, GOAC and NYPLAN, with four additional technical subcommittees and such other ad hoc committees as may be required from time to time.
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NYGAS Objectives

The governing body of NYGAS is the Executive Committee (EXCOM) which consists of principal and alternate members from each member gas utility. The EXCOM is headed by a chairman elected from the sitting members who serves for two calendar years and is supported by a vice chairman, also elected from the sitting members for a two year term, who will become chairman on the term completion of the sitting chairman. Through regularly scheduled, and such ad hoc meetings as may be needed, the EXCOM provides overall direction, guidance, budgeting, and approval of issues requiring its attention, as may be necessary to maintain the effective and efficient operation of the New York Gas Group. The Executive Director of NYGAS, as chief of staff, implements the policy and directions of the EXCOM on a daily basis, coordinating with the Chairman (and other EXCOM members) as necessary and providing updates, status reports, and information as useful to keep contact fully informed.

Through its operations committee, GOAC, NYGAS maintains and enhances the operation of the New York state natural gas system with regard to safety, efficiency, cost reliability and supply security.

Through its planning committee, NYPLAN, NYGAS provides a forum for New York State gas companies to address the broad spectrum of issues relating to natural gas supply, transportation, storage, peak shaving and demand planning policy and process.

Through its research committee, NYSEARCH, NYGAS performs research, development, demonstration, and technology transfer for the benefit of its members as well as for their present and future customers. With a dedicated staff of (3), NYSEARCH monitors technology developments, identifies common needs, performs market research, evaluates potential technical solutions and then initiates, administers and manages approved projects.

Funding for NYSEARCH projects is voluntary and members negotiate funding breakdown on a project-by-project basis. This system ensures that spending is tailored to each company's needs and that the project has value to every member who participates.

NYSEARCH is always seeking new Associate Members to pursue gas research initiatives to enhance the viability of the natural gas industry. New Associate Members can take advantage of leveraging their research funds with existing NYSEARCH members to amplify their company goals and objectives. As stated above, all research projects are strictly voluntary. For further information please see the NYSEARCH Associate Membership Request Form .

Besides funding its own projects, NYSEARCH cofunds projects with the Gas Research Institute (GRI), the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and many other gas utilities, energy agencies and product manufacturers.

To find out more about NYSEARCH, GOAC, NYPLAN and our Web Site, look at our Site Map. To inquire about NYGAS, please use our Feedback Form.

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